A Clean Well Lighted Place – Theme and Setting

A clean properly lighted place by Ernest Hemingway has a quantity of themes that stand out clearly but the one theme that stands out to me is despair. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, despair means to lose all hope or confidence. In the story, the older waiter and the old deaf man one way or the other share a common bond of despair. Both men are of age and prefer to be out, late at night time, alone. Asides from the story alone, the theme of the story could be brought out by the setting.

The setting contributes to the story’s theme in several ways.

The setting contributes to the temper of the story, to the construction of the story, and to the lesson of the story. The cafe represents salvation for despair which is proven via the setting of the story. First, the setting contributes to the temper, from the quote “It was very late and everybody had left the cafe besides an old man who sat in the shadow the leaves of the tree made in opposition to the electrical light.

”(107) units a mood of an individual in sadness. As a regular, at a restaurant, late at night alone reveals the character’s character with the assistance of the setting.

The setting reveals the story’s mood as a end result of it visualizes the scene together with feelings of the story. Obviously the old man is not the kind of drunk to get violent or rough as a result of the temper seems to be calming as the setting had described “but at evening the dew settled the mud and the old man favored to sit down late as a end result of he was deaf and now at night it was quiet and he felt the difference.

”(107) Even although the old man is deaf, the setting intensified the mood of peacefulness that the old man enjoys good quiet drinks at a clear place.

Later in the story the older waiter had no place to go for a drink so, he had gone to a bar/bodega for a drink; nonetheless, the temper of the bar/bodega in comparability with the cafe was not as peaceful nor comfortable. The waiter mentioned “It was the sunshine after all but it’s essential that the place be clear and pleasant. You don’t need music. Certainly you do not want music. Nor can you stand before a bar with dignity though that is all that is supplied for these hours. ”(109) The temper clearly exhibits a difference within a special setting.

If the old man were to drink in that bar then the story’s mood may have been perceived another way. Furthermore, the setting contributes to the structure of the story, like cartilages in a human physique. The cafe could be viewed as a workplace and in addition as a spot of peaceable socialization. Each person deals with despair in a unique way. Having the setting at a restaurant the place it was talked about that it was quiet assist structure the story that it is neither a miserable story nor, a cheerful story. The two waiters who have been gossiping about the old man mentioned that he had committed suicide but, he was saved.

Being in a restaurant is different than somewhat being in a bar or anyplace else. The cafe signifies a spot for space or time, relying on the particular person. The old man just isn’t attempting to remedy his despair however somewhat subdue it. The setting could have taken place wherever but it additionally might have affected the structure of the story differently. For example, when the older waiter was out trying to kill time because of insomnia, he went to a bar however, it was not soothing; therefore, he went residence. This proves how the setting was in a position to help its major structure of getting a restaurant quite than a unique place.

Finally, the lesson of the story is that do not be impatient. The setting contributed to how the lesson of the story was delivered. The old deaf man was not harming anyone and the cafe was not to close ‘til two-thirty within the morning but, the young waiter wished to shut early as a end result of he wished to go house to his spouse. The setting is pleasing and comfy for these who need a spot late at night yet, it was taken away from somebody who wanted it. Even although the old man left quietly, it was obvious he was not accomplished consuming.

If the setting have been to be elsewhere like a bar, it would mean that the old man was looking for an excellent time however, that was not the case. The setting contributed to the lesson like a book to a lecture. Overall, the setting contributes to the theme. The cafe represents salvation, its cleanliness and good lighting recommend peace and relaxation, whereas a bar is chaotic and loud. The older waiter describes it as a refuge from the despair felt by those who are aware of the nothingness. In a clean well-lighted cafe, despair can be managed and even briefly forgotten.

When the older waiter describes the nothingness that’s life, he says, “It was solely that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order. ”(109) The “it” in the sentence was not outlined, however we are in a position to speculate about the waiter’s meaning: though life and man are nothing, mild, cleanliness, and order can function substance. They may help counter off the despair from anybody. As lengthy as a clear, well-lighted cafe exists, despair can be kept in examine. This reveals how the setting contributes to the theme through the temper, the structure, and the lesson of the story formed by the setting.

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