A cleaner and greener place

We all should make our the house,your metropolis, your nation a cleaner and greener place because we can reside in a peace, happy, stunning, clear, free from pollution, wonderful from surrounding. Now a days people generally use autos to go to little distance so, we should all cease this.

Some slogans that we should always follow are listed below:

1-One tree can make one million matches. One match can destroy one million trees.

2-Hug a tree, they’ve less issues than people

3-Less air pollution is the most effective solution

4-Cut a Tree, Cut a Tree and there’ll be no more left to see.

5-Lets go green to get our globe clean

6-Pollution aint cool, so don’t be a fool!

7-Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow

8-Go Green, help clean

9-Once all of the rainforests are cut down, as soon as all the rivers have dried up, and once all of the assets are diminished, we will finally realize we can’t eat money.

9-Over Population results in Over exploitation

10-Plant your seeds now, reap your rewards later greener: don’t waste papers as these come from slicing timber. plant no less than a tree per thirty days and tel every one to plant trees at least one per year. don’t use vehicles too typically because it pollutes the air.

recycle papers as a substitute of slicing down trees.

Cleaner: tel everyone in your society to scrub infront of their house, so in this way we can clear the entire street! also dont use autos because it pollutes the air. dont smoke- it pollutes the air.

1. whenever you eat fruits bury the unwanted seed or flesh inside the soil… if it’s a seed it may grow or if it is flesh it works as a beautiful manure and helps the plant to grow well

2. Please take possibilities, please do not suppose that it’s the cleaner’s responsibility to clean the roads and stuff… everytime you see some unwanted in the road you could also dispose it, you also have the identical hands that the cleaner’s have.

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