A Comparative Study of the Characters of Antonio and Felix within the Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

Comparison/Contrast Essay

In the short story “Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas two boys, Antonio and Felix, are compelled to battle for the golden gloves that they both want. Both boys are greatest friends and prepare collectively almost every single day. Only one can win the golden gloves and advance to turn out to be a bigger boxer. The fight might harm their friendship but in the end they each are still associates regardless of the struggle. Both Antonia and Felix have many attention-grabbing differences and similarities.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas have several differences. First of all, “Antonio was honest, lean, and lanky, while Felix was darkish, quick, and husky (310).” This exhibits that Antonio is tall, and thin in distinction to Felix who’s shorter and bulkier. Secondly, Antonia and Felix have very totally different fighting styles. For example, “Antonio’s lean form and long attain made him the higher boxer, whereas Felix’s quick and muscular frame made him the higher slugger (310).” From this we will see that Antonio is a greater boxer and is better on the offensive facet, while Felix is a lot better and being defensive and being a slugger.

Lastly, Antonio is more willing to proceed a run in a clumsy situation than Felix. For instance when Antonio asks Felix if he would like to continue jogging, Felix says, “Naw, bro. Let’s cut it right here. You go on (312).” This shows that Antonia desires to go for a jog more than Felix and that Felix doesn’t need to proceed jogging. Both boys, Antonio and Felix, have many great variations.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas share many similarities. To start with, each Antonio and Felix acquire things. For example, “… that they had a set of Fight magazines second to none, plus a scrapbook full of torn tickets to each boxing math ever attended, and a few clippings of their own (310.)” This shows that they each gather their tickets to boxing matches and boxing magazines. Next, both Antonio and Felix each need to end the battle rapidly. For occasion, Antonio, “Like his friend within the South Bronx, he prayed for a victory by way of a fast clear knockout within the first spherical (313).” This exhibits that each Antonio and Felix need to end the battle quickly with out a lot problem. Finally, Antonio and Felix have a ardour for boxing. For instance, they both, “… had a dream of changing into light-weight champion of the world (310).” From this it turns into apparent that both Antonio and Felix love boxing and each want to become boxers once they develop up. As you probably can see, there are lots of similarities between Antonio and Felix.

Both boys, Antonio and Felix, have many differences and similarities. Both Antonio and Felix look very different from each other and fight in a different way from each other. Despite their variations they both love boxing, each acquire things, and each wish to end the battle quickly. The similarities and differences between both boys are crucial and brings the 2 boys closer together.

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