A Comparison between New England Colony and Chesapeake Bay Colony

In 1607 the first British colony was founded in North America and settled in Maryland and Virginia. This colony, often recognized as the Chesapeake Bay colony, was colonized and settled by the English males of Anglican Church beliefs. Later in 1630 a wave of English men, women and children settled in the areas of Main, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont who had been all believers of Puritanism. This colony was named the New England colony.

Differences in Population between Two Colonies

In spite of both colonies being settled by men, ladies and kids of English ancestry by the 1700’s each areas advanced into two very distinct societies.

The Chesapeake Bay Region was a far cry from the New England Colony. Chesapeake Bay was founded on the concept of making a revenue while New England was established on the concept of religious refuge. Additionally Chesapeake Bay was settled by particular person males while New England was settled by families which aided in development of this colony.

Thus the event of two separate societies occurred by purpose of political, financial, spiritual and social deviations.

Differences Concerning Religion

A major cause as to why Chesapeake Bay and New England evolved into two very distinctive societies was political differences. The settlers of Chesapeake Bay modeled their authorities, the home of Burgesses, on the home of Parliament in England. The major political growth of the Chesapeake Bay colony was the Maryland Act of Religious Synopsis. This allowed the follow of any sect of Christianity. On the other hand New England developed a more structured government system.

New England had elected officers to symbolize the individuals.

This fashioned the council who had often scheduled city meetings to voice the considerations of the people. In comparability as a outcome of New England was densely populated by these of Puritan beliefs non secular tolerance was non existent. This main difference on each colonies political ideologies inspired the development of two utterly totally different societies.

Differences in Economy

The economies of these two areas also aided in the enlargement of two separate societies. The Chesapeake Bay colonies sole function was money. The original settlers were despatched by the crown to be able to make a revenue. Chesapeake Bay’s entire economic nourishment was Tobacco.

Tobacco was brought by John Rolfe who snuck in Tobacco seeds from the Spanish. Other than tobacco Chesapeake Bay contained many plantations and made their income from cotton as properly. New England was a multi crop economic system. They planted extra vegetables. This alleviated New England from having any food shortage conflicts. This encouraged the separation of the Chesapeake Bay and the New England colony.

Conclusion: Why Two Colonies Separated

As mentioned before the settlers of the Chesapeake Bay space had been mostly those that followed the Anglican church. Whilst nearly all of New England have been Puritans. As previously cited Puritans were unaccepting of another faith as they believed their faith was the one exact type of belief. Also due to the Maryland Act of Religious Synopsis different Christian sects were allowed the chance to follow their beliefs. This was a really distinct difference that lead to the two colonies to turn out to be separate associations.

Social roles additionally performed a serious function within the distinction of both colonies. Mentioned earlier than was the truth that largely investors, who were dominantly men, settled in Chesapeake Bay. The settlers of New England got here in families. Those who got here in households had been in a place to construct communities, set up a structured government and flourish and grow as a society. Thus exhibiting that Chesapeake Bay was a spot for enterprise while New England was a spot to live and make a life. This is a transparent minimize aberration as to why the 2 colonies partitioned.

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