A Comparison of the Writing Styles of Mary Austin and Willia Cather

Steve rayburn!!! Every author has his or her personal type of composing in the works she or he produces. Two female British authors, Mary Austin and Willia Cather, both have comparable but unique designs of composing.!! Mary Austin wrote a novel known as “Land of Little Rain” that illustrates death valley and the encircling desert. The landscape of the story is no doubt a desert; dune, little shrubs, will turf, blistering warmth, scavengers and actually little water.

Although the desert may be quickly explained, Austin goes to terrific lengths to reveal the relationships between the delicate changes within the panorama, behavioral patterns of animals, and even the way plants grows around the landscape.

For example, she explains and almost personi? es the way that the dunes are exploded on themselves that finally type a protect that defend the lawns and shrubs that develop behind the dunes.

Austin takes a blunt photo of the landscape and shapes and hones it into a? uid group.

She reveals the vibrance of life that exists in the so-called demise valley.!! Willia Cather is the writer of the novel called “My Antonia” that follows the course of a young boy, Jim Concern, who strikes west and befriends a bohemian family that settles near his.

Jim is a thoughtful, self-aware individual that could be very introverted; wandering through the woods and pasture on his horse, his thoughts wandering like he’s. Like Austin, Cather makes use of the panorama to springboard themes and motifs throughout the book, usually the surroundings being an outward expression of the thoughts and emotions of the characters.

For instance, the rugged, untamed, potentially dangerous landscape foreshadows the upcoming suicide of his friend’s father.

The demise is also very harmful as a result of he was the main breadwinner of the household, and without him the household could doubtlessly be trapped in the winds and chill of the panorama themselves. Cather pulls from the scenery but makes use of it as a garnish quite than the principle focus of Austin’s work.! !Although both writers use the panorama to construct their tales, they use it very in a different way. Austin’s story is the landscape, whereas Cather uses the panorama as a component. The type of both authors have similarities but have distinct differences.

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