A Comparison of Two Short Stories

A Journey Is defined as a “passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success” (Dictionary. om on-line dictionary, n. d. ). These two stories lets you place your self in the characters shoes to see and really feel the story that’s being old by way of the character eyes as you watch It unfold. The Journey that Is being informed by Jean Rhys Is positively one that can be associated to by anybody that has made a go to to their childhood house minus the demise.

It can additionally be simple to relate to Frost’s character because I even have been at a quantity of crossroads in my life and have often chosen the street less taken, which has yielded great and not so great outcomes.

These writings are obviously going down outdoors on a street, indicating that a Journey Is In the works. Although both stories use imagery and symbolism, they are extremely different in inheritor message. Rhys’ story makes use of imagery to help element the non secular Journey ofa woman whose actuality comes to a very climactic ending when she realizes that she is no longer alive.

Frost’s story regales us along with his version of Imagery In which his character learns that It’s not at all times necessary which highway you’re taking; so lengthy as you select one, you will expertise the life that come with it.

The character is making an attempt to let us know that it is extremely straightforward to make a life-changing decision based mostly on an outer one thing that was not identified to the characters before the Journey started.

As every f these stories develops, the characters do not portray the same mindset in course of their paths. In each poetry and quick stories, a theme is meant and conveyed by way of the author’s works. Literary parts similar to rhythm, rhyme, and tone differentiate poems from brief stories and dramatic works. However, there are some similarities between short stories and poetry which embody fgures of speech, settings, foreshadowing and battle.

These allow the reader to connect with the writer and their works. Settings are necessary as a result of it depicts “the time or place during which fictional events occur. It places boundaries around the action and defines the surroundings during which conflicts may be witnessed and character development noticed. Setting may have a social dimension during which particular local customs, costume, or speech present a framework for understanding the characters and their interactions” (Clugston, 2010). The one main similarity between these two works is the absence ofa plot.

Our textual content defines a plot as “a dynamic component in fiction, a sequence of interrelated, conflicting actions and events that sometimes build toa climax and bring a couple of resolution” (Clugston, 2010). Poems are written utilizing verses or stanzas which trigger the reader to expertise an emotion. Short tales however are fictional writings that details trigger and effect and it’s shorter than a novel. “The Road Not Taken” has four stanzas of five lines by which a rhyme scheme is happening, syllables are being emphasised or confused and it makes use of iambic tetrameter as an alternative of pentameter.

Tetrameter is outline as “a line consisting of four dipodies in trochaic, iambic, or anapestic meter; a verse of four feet” (Dictionary. com online dictionary, n. d. ). There is totally no climax in “The Road Not Taken”, because the characters solely decision is which road to take. Steppe states, “In the poem there is a man who has come toa crossroad in his life. One path is traveled on regularly whereas the other path just isn’t. He has to make a decision as to what path he ought to take. No matter what, he is conscious of that he can not flip again once he has made the selection, but it’s implied” (“Symbolism”, 2011).

He selected the highway that was traveled the least and it was the perfect determination for him. According to Clugston, a logo is “a word image that presents an object, individual, r action that conveys two meanings: Its own literal meaning and one thing it stands for as well” (Clugston, 2010, Ch. 2. three, Para. 10). In I Used To Live Here Once (1976) Jean Rhys particulars a woman’s return to a spot she called residence during which the story is being informed via her eyes as she provides vivid particulars of subtle and never so subtle changes of her environment in which you can visualize the sentiment she has for the place.

The viewpoint for this short story is proscribed third person omniscient, and in accordance with Clugston (2010), it’s outlined as “a perspective when the thoughts and eelings of solely one of the characters are associated to the narrator” (Ch. 5. 2, Para. 3). If the author had used a unique viewpoint and had not offered the reader with the very intimate and thoughts of the character, the symbolism would have been misplaced or too plentiful, that some key points to the story would have been missed.

The viewpoint in The Road Not Taken is first-person-point-of-view, which “occurs when the narrator describes his or her private action and thoughts as a participant within the Rhys’ story begins together with her character standing by a river looking on the stepping tones and remembering the details about every of them (Clugston, 2010). Each stones description could symbolize a time in her life during which she was faced with simple and tough conditions during which selections have been made, whether or not good or dangerous. “The next one wasn’t so protected for when the river was full the water flowed over it and even when it showed dry it was slippery’ (Clugston, 2010).

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