A Critical Analysis of the film adaptation of Victor Hugo”s book

The revolutionary Les Mis?rables is a musical drama film directed by Tom Hooper, a movie adaptation of the famous guide that was printed on 1862 by Victor Hugo. He was born on February 26, 1802, in Besan?on, France and died on May 22, 1885, in Paris. Later in his life, Hugo printed Les Mis?rables that took him 17 years in total to finish and it covers over 1,200 pages that earned him additional success on his career even after a number of recognitions. Now, his book still is and will always be one of the distinguished main works of the nineteenth century literature.

His particular work, Les Mis?rables exhibits the life of a person named Jan Valjean played by Hugh Jackman, who went by way of excessive hardships throughout his life. He met people along the method in which that made him change his methods and notice useful issues that the viewers also can mirror onto. Hence, the inspiration for the British-Australian movie and tv director, Tom Hooper. He started making short-films at the young age of thirteen and after graduating college, he shortly directed episodes of different well-known British television shows, like EastEnders.


He then ventured out on large tv networks like BBC and even HBO in America. He made his characteristic movie debut in 2004. He continued on with his career until he directed a movie in 2010 entitled; The King’s Speech that served as a gateway to his further success and his numerous nominations which also led him to win an Oscar. Two years later, he directed Les Mis?rables because he needed to honor the fans of the novel and the theatre adaptation.

He wanted the movie to have the things that made the fans like the unconventional story within the first place. The film was brilliantly made that it gained eight nominations for the Academy Awards.

In this film adaptation, Formalism method is used as it addresses the film’s way of displaying the which means of the story’s message to the viewers via its dialogues, songs and scenes. The story includes numerous and apparent themes which are all too interesting to not discuss. Yet, this one theme is what made me hooked in this movie as I normally think about it as a clich? in each movie however I made an exception for this one as a outcome of it portrays a love that chooses no individuals nor scenario and that’s the puissance of affection that is powerful enough to reform one’s imaginative and prescient in regards to the world, the society and even one’s life in general.

The story began with Jean Valjean serving 19 years of his imprisonment in a French prison. He was jailed all as a result of he stole a loaf of bread to feed his nephew as a result of they had nothing to eat at that time and his posterior trials of escaping from the mentioned prison. Then this inspector named Javert came and informed Valjean that if he may raise a heavy publish from a boat, then he would be released but would also be starting his parole. He roamed round from town to city for days but no person would dare to assist him as his papers also identified as documents today, reveals that he’s a former convict which made individuals worry and keep away from him. Valjean in a while, determined to take shelter on the convent’s front door as he was chilly from the winter night. Then Bishop Myriel noticed him and provided him shelter for some time. The said bishop saved Valjean as he stole the silverware from the convent and was caught however Bishop Myriel covered up for him by saying that he gave it to the scared Valjean and later bid him to make good deeds out of it. Jean Valjean repented for his sins and realized that for the primary time, somebody showed kindness to him. He determined to vary his name and eight years later, he eventually became mayor and ran a enterprise that purchased prosperity to the town he governs.

He hides under the name of Monsieur Madeline. On the identical town, Fantine, an attractive younger lady who had an illegitimate youngster named Cosette, who lives with an Innkeeper together with his household who abuse her, unknowing to Fantine. Fantine and the Th?nardiers had an settlement that they would solely look out for the kid if Fantine would ship her monthly allowance. That’s why Fantine works in Madeline’s manufacturing unit however she was fired because her coworkers came upon about Cosette. With nowhere to go, she resorts to prostitution to still be able to send money to her youngster. One night, Javert was about to arrest her but Madeline intervenes and took Fantine to the hospital as she went ill. Madeline promised her that he would search for Cossette and take her underneath his wing. But, before that, he still has to reply to Javert who was suspecting Madeline about him being Jean Valjean. He confessed to the town’s mayor about his false report and that they found a man who they accused to be Jean Valjean. Madeline, then, confessed to the jury as to who he is and went to Fantine who was on the verge of dying that night time. Javert went after to arrest him but eager to meet his promise to Fantine, Jal Valjean escaped and looked for Cossette till her found her and bought her from the Th?nardiers.

Both Jean Valjean and Cossette discovered refuge in a convent the place they lived for 9 years. One day, a young lad, Marius Pontmercy who rebelled towards his grandfather as a outcome of political differences. He lives as a poor regulation pupil who participated the French Revolution at the moment alongside his pals. He met Cosette at their neighborhood, along with her trailing alongside Jean Valjean, giving the poor some money. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight for the younger individuals. Valjean determined to make a charitable visit to a family within the area however found out that it was the deceiving Th?nardiers. The poor family who moved out of their inn as a outcome of they misplaced it and lived on the unlucky neighborhood for fairly some time. The Th?nardiers made quite a scene ensuing to Javert interfering however Valjean managed to fled the scene before Javert might see him.

Maruis, being the lovestruck lad that he’s, asked help from ?ponine, The Th?nardiers’ daughter who is in love with Marius. The lad asked her a favor if she may find out the place Cosette lives. She gave in and did what he asked of her. Later on, Cosette and Maruis finally met and declared their love for each other. ?ponine was heartbroken but as the evening went on, she noticed her father with a bunch of individuals making ready to rob the home the place Jan Valjean lives. ?ponine screamed to alert the police and her father and his ‘gang’ immediately left. Valjean, alarmed by the scream, thought it was Javert who arrested somebody nearby. He thought Javert probably knew the place they had been. Valjean instantly advised the unwilling Cossette to pack as a end result of they have been about to stay at their apartment a couple of miles away.

The revolution began on the way to General Lamarque’s funeral. With Marius leading the group alongside Enjolras and unknowingly to them, ?ponine disguised herself as a man and joined their group. Javier planned to ‘volunteer’ to the younger group’s revolution to ambush them later within the night time. Eventually, Javier’s plan backfired as a outcome of his cowl was revealed by a child named Gavorche, the youngest of the group, who recognized him from before. The battle occurred and they almost died if it wasn’t for Marius who threatened the guards to blow up the barricade with them on it. But while Marius was threatening the guards, ?ponine saw another guard pointed the gun at Marius. So, she saved him. The guards backed down and it was a slip second for them to relaxation. Worrying, Marius ordered Gavorche to give Cossette a letter at their house by which he knew due to a letter from Cossette was saved by ?ponine from Marius and only gave it to him when she was about to die. Instead of Cossette, it was Jean Valjean who received it and browse what the letter says. It was Marius’ declaration his love once once more to Cossette and how it is tough for him to die understanding that Cossette is ready for him. Scared and Determined, Valjean joined Marius’ group of revolutionists to have the flexibility to shield Marius to save Cossette from heartbreak, even if it he had to scarify his life. There he saw Javert, tried up and battered. He let him go however to the group’s understanding, he killed him. The second wave of the battle started with quadruple the amount of guards from earlier than. The young group was slaughtered and they died with satisfaction, except from Valjean who carried an unconscious and near dying Marius. He carried him by way of a sewer to have the flexibility to escape from the massacre that occurred and bumped on to the previous Innkeeper who Valjean harshly asked for directions. Him and Javert met as soon as again to the place the sewer ended and he agreed to go to prison but he has to deliver Marius to the hospital because he was shot. Javert let him go for an unknown cause to Valjean. Javert later on jumped off of a bridge because he felt guilty on how a person who he treated badly over years, determined to assist him from getting killed and is willing to pay his ‘debt’ after he (Valjean) helped the younger lad.

Days later, Marius recovered and are planning his and Cossette’s marriage ceremony. The day came and Valjean informed Marius every little thing his life from the start and his reasons for leaving, he has to surrender his self to Javert. He made Marius promise to not tell Cossette something about it but to let her know he went away to journey instead. During to the reception of the marriage, The Th?nardiers got here and informed Marius about Valjean carrying a lifeless physique in the sewer and Marius realized it was the old man who saved him. Marius and Cossette hurriedly went to the convent where they knew Valjean would be there. The old man sat on a chair, infront of the alter, about to die. Upon his beloved Cossette’s arrival, he bid the newlywed couple goodbye and there he noticed Fantine and Bishop Myriel welcoming and ready for him.

Love is usually described in the movies as two people romantically loving each other, seldom delineated as a love for a sister, a mother or father or even a pet that makes you descry a thing or two about it. Ergo, it is stereotyped by folks as simply that. Love is many issues; it is far greater than another feeling there may be. Stereotypical as it may sound, nevertheless it actually is true. It is greater than we thought, powerful than we thought. This movie, Les Mis?rables delivers what love is, how it can drastically modify a person’s prospect or notion into one thing. In the film’s case, similar to how Bishop Myriel helped Jean Valjean even when he doesn’t know him in any respect. He helped and cared for him when nobody was willing to. He saved him from his condemnation even when no one asked him to. That act, at first look, we could shrug it off as a kind act however if you look extra into it, the Bishop helped Valjean because he loved him as a brother as God wished us to do. Due to that, Valjean was capable of mirror onto it and determined to make a model new future for him, to have the flexibility to repay and fulfill his promise to the Bishop by serving to different people with no returns or rewards requested. He was able to redeem himself from utterly drowning of antagonism from his hardships in life and in his anger to the people who did him incorrect before, especially Javert. Like his scenario with Fantine, even when she was a prostitute, Valjean still helped her. He confirmed her kindness it would not matter what her scenario was. He treated her pretty and he even promised to find her daughter, Cossette. For Fantine, it was a love she never had for some time. Not a romantic type of love although, it was more like a love in which you take care of a person as a result of they wanted it, as a outcome of they wanted saving. Next is Cossette, despite the actual fact that she just isn’t biologically related to Jean Valjean, she grew to become his power, the rationale why he strives to live daily. Cossette also loved him simply how a daughter would love her father. Her love boldened and impressed him to additional progress his life along the means in which. When Cossette was recently purchased by Valjean when she was nonetheless a child, she sung the phrases ‘Will you be like a papa to me?’ it was a query that meant everything for Cossette as she knew she had nobody at the moment. Indeed, their love for one another, as a daughter and father, strengthened them each. When Marius got here to the image, Valjean was ready to sacrifice his life for him to avoid wasting Cossette from heartbreak. Even although he barely knew Marius, he wanted to avoid wasting him because he knows that Cossette loves Marius, for him, sacrificing his life in trade to save tons of the younger Pontmercy, he didn’t hesitate because as mentioned, he loves Cossette dearly and would do something for her well-being and happiness. As for ?ponine, the daughter of the Th?nardiers, she was obviously in love with Marius even when he doesn’t really feel the same way towards her. Despite that, it by no means stopped her from saving him from getting shot, by which she died a lionhearted dying. But earlier than all of that, her love for Marius changed her and reformed her way of living. Instead of residing the way in which her parents do, which is constantly stealing and mendacity to people, she determined to reside a beggared yet honest life, it was enough for her as long as she gets to see and be associates with Marius. Each kind of love are portrayed magnificently in each scene. Each of which are seen and obvious that the individuals who watches it might possibly relate to it. This movie is totally different from the films were accustomed to yet it certain does leave a mark in our minds with each and every lesson we take and replicate upon it. The structure of every scene is made gratefully but there were few complicated traces but total it gave the viewers satisfaction, particularly on the final half where all of the fallen characters were singing. Upon watching this movie, you get many take-aways. Life lessons, morals and realizations that sure does go away an impression on us.

Often stereotyped and cliched by many, Love is seen in a different perspective than what it actually is. The film tells us how love works and how it redeems a person from a dark place. Love is gorgeous and highly effective on the same time. It leaves an impact to whoever receives it, regardless of race, gender and social status. Love makes you do belongings you by no means consider doing. Like saving somebody or sacrificing your self. It is a common feeling that everybody deserves to really feel, it doesn’t matter what state of affairs they’re in. Les Mis?rables portrays love simply that and I recognize it because not everybody will get to see or realize what love really is. In this world where wars still exist, the place individuals bring down each other, love is what we need in saving and shaping each other. They say love is probably the most powerful feeling and it absolutely is. As shown within the movie, no person is unworthy of affection. The movie, Les Mis?rables is an eye-opening movie to everybody as it shows the totally different sides of affection. Thus, love may also be our salvation and that’s what the film desires us to see, alongside many things that we may mirror on to.


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