A Critical Review of The Metamorphosis

In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka tells a very odd story of a man who turns into a bug. He presents this story in the form of a story that is advised within the third person where he shares his story of a person who was only a common travel salesman who one day turned into a bug. This paper will evaluation Kafka’s story as well as his major arguments and can evaluate the standard of Kafka’s writing and give consideration to any areas of weakness within the story.


This section incorporates a abstract of The Metamorphosis. Kafka begins his e-book by introducing the main character Gregor Samsa waking up from unsettling goals (3). This is where Kafka explains that Mr. Samsa has became a bug. “He discovered himself changed in his bed right into a monstrous vermin” (3). Kafka’s objective of writing this e-book was to create an odd twist for readers to enjoy and it was a fictional narrative about him and his family.

“The entire family constellation, father, mom, and sister imagoes, are equally remodeled in the intrapsychic action” (153). Kafka then goes on to describe the life of Mr. Samsa and the way his metamorphosis has changed his life.

After finding out that he was turned into an insect Samsa appears to not be bothered by his present state. He tries to roll over to fall back to sleep hoping he can forget about it but is unable to. “How about going again to sleep for a couple of minutes and forgetting all this nonsense”…“he was used to sleeping on his right facet and in his present state couldn’t get into that position” (3).

The solely thing Samsa is apprehensive about is dropping his job, his bodily consolation, and his family’s monetary state of affairs. Samsa is a touring salesman who takes his job very significantly because it’s what’s paying off his family’s debt from his boss. Samsa ends up not being at work and would later never return because of his present state of affairs. Samsa’s household has no clue what to do with him and his little sister is who takes care of him. “He would have by no means been in a place to guess what his sister, in the goodness of her heart, truly did” (22-23). After more than half a year Samsa remains to be an insect and has stayed in his room. Close to the top of the book Samsa’s health is deteriorating as a end result of his father threw countless apples towards him in anger “He had stuffed his pockets from the fruit bowl on the buffet and was now pitching one apple after another” (37). One of these apples impaled Samsa within the again and he couldn’t get it removed and his household would not take any part in eradicating the apple. This is what lead to Samsa’s finish. After Samsa died his family decided they had been going to show their lives around fully. This is once they decided to move right into a smaller house.

Author’s Arguments

As described above, Kafka’s main purpose for scripting this story is to create an odd twist for readers to get pleasure from and it was a fictional narrative about him and his family. There is three completely different themes that go together with this story together with, the absurdity of life, the disconnection between mind and physique, and the bounds of sympathy. These themes were based on the actions of his family and Gregor Samsa himself.

For example, the primary theme, the absurdity of life contains at the beginning of the e-book a component that deals with an absurd, or wildly irrational, event, which in itself means that the story operates in a random, chaotic universe. This is the place Samsa turns into an insect. Another thing that’s included in this theme is all the members of the Samsa family treat the occasion as a random occurrence. The characters are unusually calm and unquestioning, and most don’t act significantly shocked by the event. The second theme, the disconnection between mind and body began with Samsa’s transformation utterly altering his outward look, nevertheless it leaves his thoughts unchanged, creating a scarcity of concord between his mind and physique. An example of this is when he tries to stand up away from bed even though his new transformation has made it where he can’t. “He tried to get out of bed with the decrease a part of his body, however this decrease part proved too difficult to budge” (7). As Samsa turns into used to his new body, his mind begins to vary in accordance along with his bodily needs and desires. “He left every thing again” (24). The ultimate theme, the bounds of sympathy begins with Gregor Samsa’s sister and the mom felt quite a lot of sympathy for Gregor after his change because they suspect some facet of his humanity stays despite his appearance. This later changed in the e-book as a end result of the stresses brought on by Gregor’s presence wore down the family members’ sympathy and even essentially the most caring of them discover that their sympathy has a limit.


This part contains an evaluation of Kafka’s book. The first thing that strengthens Kafka’s writing is his talent to place his private life into a fictional story. Kafka’s writings largely originated from the conflicted relationship he skilled together with his family, particularly his father. This biographical connection has been much discussed, and it is simply perceived in Gregor Samsa’s response to his household. Gregor however seeks throughout the story to be accepted into the household circle. “Gregor’s sole concern has been to do everything in his energy to make the household overlook as shortly as attainable the enterprise disaster which had plunged everybody right into a state of total despair” (23). Made aware of his alienation from them by his transformation, he vainly makes an attempt to ignore the change at first and to hold up a way of normality, till he is lastly deserted by his sister, with whom he had had a close relationship. It is her firm rejection of him as a person that finally causes him to surrender his own sense of self, precipitating his death. “It has to go, that’s the only solution” (49). The only downside together with his writing together with his personal life is that some readers may be confused with the theme. This is the first weak point of Kafka’s writing.

The second power of Kafka’s writing is his combination of absurdity and symbolism. This is what makes the story so advanced and attention-grabbing to read. Having a chunk of unusual content material in a story can help hold a reader’s consideration and within this e-book there in by no means a normal moment. There was at all times something abnormal going on whether or not that been when Samsa was a bug or when the housemaid would come to visit him in his room. “She by no means failed to open the door a crack every morning and every night and peek in hurriedly at Gregor” (42). However, not everyone enjoys such a fancy and absurd story as a end result of they may not perceive precisely what is going on and it may really bore them. The reason it might bore the reader is that because the complete story is absurd the reader may want to have a change within the story every now and then that could also be a calm change, and this is the second weak spot of Kafka’s writing.

Finally, the principle downside some readers would possibly level out is that this story principally ends abruptly. The ending of the book includes the demise of Samsa and then his household simply deciding to show around their lives. “They determined to spend today resting and going for a walk” (54). Since the book ends abruptly readers may complain there ought to be a small collection to elucidate what goes on with the family after Samsa’s demise. Readers may suggest a note on the end of the book that provides the readers extra of an thought about what the Samsa family does. Although the story does end abruptly it shows how Samsa’s family actually was and it also gives the readers an perception of how the author’s family life was as properly. This is the third energy of Kafka’s writing.


This important evaluation has evaluated the book The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The themes Kafka presents are very odd but additionally interesting and he does a fantastic job of demonstrating these themes by placing his family in this fictional story. However, his writing is weakened by how his themes could also be offered, the absurdity of the story, and the way abrupt he makes his story finish. These three issues also have their own strengths together with, having three different themes creates an attention-grabbing story, the strange content material of the story intrigues readers, and the abrupt end of the story permits readers to grasp the author’s private life.

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