A Critique of “Who Needs College?”

Meaghan O’Hare
Professor Haytham Mahfoud
September 22, 2013
A Critique of “Who Needs College?”

In her essay “Who Needs College?” Linda Lee addresses the problem of whether or not or not a university schooling is necessary in order to have a profitable life. Lee believes that too much importance is positioned on going away to high school and getting a degree when it is very potential to discover a job and learn valuable life classes with out it. While many would strongly oppose her position on this matter, it has been proven time and time again by quite a few individuals that a brilliant future is properly within attain without having to acquire a degree.

Going to varsity is taken into account to be one of the important parts of a person’s grownup life. Lee focuses on this unnecessary pedestal that the school experience is placed on. Kids treat it as an excuse to party and don’t place the identical degree of importance on it as their dad and mom do.

Lee had this realization with her own son when she considered how she was “paying $1,000 per week for this pleasure cruise” (52). This lead her to pull her son out of faculty till he was ready to go back and be severe or find a job to occupy his time more efficiently.

Her son went on to have many various jobs. They were not essentially the most glamorous, however taught him independence and tips on how to be accountable along with his personal cash. Lee argues that this life path got her son to a fulfilling place where he was having fun with what he was doing and had discovered a good job the place a promotion was in his close to future (2).

This finish result is sometimes why college students undergo school in the first place.

Throughout the essay, Lee uses multiple statistics so as to again up her position. This is useful because it helps the reader understand that the purpose being made is a valid one. Lee goes on to make references to people ranging from her hair colorist all the finest way to Bill Gates to show that a level just isn’t essential to go places in life (52). It is helpful that she also has the advantage of with the ability to say her son benefited from this way of living. This broadens the audience immensely because the varying age groups can relate to the completely different examples and statistics used throughout.

Lee makes a very refreshing level and is right when asking the question of why so many people really feel it is necessary to go to school. It is at all times assumed that after graduating high school, school is the only acceptable step a teenager ought to be taking. These are very high expectations that put plenty of stress on those who might not be prepared but. It is much more sensible to concentrate on what you might be keen about first and then going again to high school as a substitute of the opposite way around. Lee states that “…most kids at present view school as a method to get an excellent job” (52). This solely units graduates up for catastrophe after they go out into the actual world and discover out that they can not find a job as simply as they thought they would. Making it look like getting a degree is the only approach to get places in life is completely the incorrect impression to be giving.

Furthermore, while the notion of bypassing a school education is unprecedented for most people, it is extremely potential to be successful with out one. Lee completely believes that going to school shouldn’t have to be anticipated from everybody. Referencing the expertise she went via with her personal son and how he left college opened her eyes and lead her to ask the title question of “Who Needs College?” Earning a level could additionally be important for many who want to pursue a profession in medication or law, but isn’t always helpful to those that don’t have similar objectives. Multiple statistics are used throughout to have the ability to validate this. Lee opens the door for so much of who may not have thought skipping out on college at first or altogether was an choice. It is more then attainable to learn the identical necessary lessons and find a good career and now, because of Lee, consciousness may be raised.

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