A crucial reflection essay on Islam

Islam being the fastest growing faith, has adhered lots of optimistic as properly as unfavorable attention from the media. Due to this vast media influence stereotypes in Islam have elevated from terrorism, Muslims have been discriminated merely as a outcome of unfavorable outlook that North America has portrayed upon them. The media tends to entwine the reality and to make Muslims appear perilous. Having that straightforward coherence of one another will be the start to making a difference.

Islam is amongst the most inspiring religions in the world.

It is practiced in plenty of international locations, together with Northern Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Iraq. Due to it being such a large faith, us individuals of the west are inclined to have slightly understanding and knowledge about the faith. The very bitter fact is that not many individuals outdoors the faith can fully grasp their principles. With so many stereotypes being constantly circulated, it is extremely hard to get an evident image about Islam both as a religion and as way of living.

The first stereotype has to do with the jihad. Jihad literally means “The struggle within the path of God”, or “holy war”. This time period unfortunately has been totally misunderstood and made to make it seem as though the Muslim people fight their way via all their problems.

Jihad could mean ones religious wrestle against infidels and does not all the time refer to precise violence. This pillar of religion has been completely turned around in order to painting Islam in a unfavorable manner, which is surly something that we’ve tailored to through the media.

Another stereotype is that girls in the Muslim society usually are not treated equally or with respect. People really feel this fashion as a end result of the ladies usually put on a hijab which consists of a veil covering the pinnacle. This is definitely a personal selection of the women, not a requirement. It was stated in the Qu’ran that women and men have been to be treated equally. By judging folks too rapidly we are likely to neglect to look inside rather then to make assumptions because of an appearance.

Stereotypes similar to the ones mentioned are absolutely biased and intensely unfair to the Muslim individuals. Many occasions, the media does not catch the aspect of the story where actual persons are being affected and influenced by what the society thinks and says about them. We seem to behave as if we are more superior and that we’re perfect and don’t make mistakes. Just as a result of some folks from a sure faith make a poor selection does not mean that everybody else is that religion is certain to as properly. It is the same with the Muslim people. Just because there are terrorists who hurt themselves and people around them for egocentric causes, doesn’t imply that every other Muslim is simply as harmful.

I feel that folks need to be extra open minded and attempt to do research and turn into extra educated earlier than judging and discriminating. If for as soon as all religions noticed eye to eye and did not attempt to put each other down then we’d reside in a much peaceable world. By not changing into educated, we mainly take somebody else’s opinion, or the medias and make it our personal without wanting deeper into the scenario. If we just cease being egocentric for just a second, maybe we can begin once more and attempt to live in concord with our fellow human beings.

During the previous two weeks I actually have learned lots about Islam, although I did know the basis of the faith people my household practices it. Although a variety of the thinks that I thought I knew turned out to be totally false I always thought the women by no means performed a role in society and that the Muslim individuals really did have extremist views. After taking a more in-depth look, I got here to realize that I was not even close. It was so interesting and almost relieving to come to that realization that these persons are merely misunderstood and are the victims of brutal discriminatory assaults.

The biggest thing I learned from all this was to not decide a book by its cowl. We can’t actually have an opinion or cross judgment on a scenario that we know nothing of. I realized now that individuals twist things to have the ability to get a good story but as soon as persons are educated about these issues, the media can no longer idiot us into believing all of it. Acting upon new data, and most significantly appropriate data is the method in which to see by way of the discrimination and look deep inside.

Misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and the Muslim neighborhood have will increase majorly prior to now couple of years. People have turn into too quick to decide and believe every little thing that the media tells them. Through knowledge and coherence about Islam and the Muslim individuals we would come to know that it is all a easy misunderstanding and that really the Muslims are victims in this manifesto. We should not let others form opinions in our head and to remain ignorant to the reality of the world. By doing this we save ourselves from changing into something that’s not actually human, but more so a robotic that’s being controlled by the media, if we just cease and suppose for ourselves, we could stay in concord, and obtain world peace, a feeling that’s everlasting.

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