A day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy

This Chinese proverb renders (redă) in an artificial method the fact that we perceive the time in a subjective way, in accordance with the moods created by the reaction to the events that we go through. When we pass via unpleasant event of life, we really feel weak, vulnerable, even hopeless and every thing appears to go mistaken in our life; so, time seems longer than it actually is. On the other hand, after we live pleased moments , every thing seems to go completely , we get enough energy to improve our life, our household ties , our relationships with different folks and we’re more glad with ourselves.

But, why can we really feel that a day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy ?

It is said that unhappiness is a completely rational response to certain losses so after we lose our self- confidence, or our health, our household ties, our friends and even after we do issues that are disagreeable for us, we end up by feeling bad and time appears to freeze.

But, when we really feel fulfilled or after we do things that we like, we feel good and time seems to fly. The drawback is that nearly all of us have a tendency to stick with what we all know rather than choose any type of change. As a result, we proceed to be unhappy. If we decide to alter issues, nonetheless, then we start a journey that only we can map out. We ought to permit ourselves to face up the reality that it is potential to actually do away with doubts and learn to be extra contended with our life.

This will deliver a change of many elements in our life together with our outlook, our relationships and our selections.

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