A Decision to Change Career Goals

A private essay about making a decision

During the course of our lifetimes we make many significant and troublesome choices that have an effect on us. These choices have an effect on our personal and professional lives. Therefore, we make these choices with a lot thought and care. One of essentially the most troublesome and essential decisions I have made was changing careers. Changing careers at this stage of my life, mid-life, was very difficult. Preparation for my new career required me to resign my job. The former place was offering a major portion of my family’s income and most of the medical advantages.

Some means of earning a dwelling while getting ready for a new profession was foremost on my mind during this stage. If I spent to a lot time and energy pursuing a job to supply a method for supporting my household whereas retraining, I won’t do a sufficient job of retraining for a new career. Another difficulty equally as essential as the the financial one was the potential for failing at a new endeavor or not being able to discover a new job.

These potentialities made me feel uncomfortable and insecure.

If I failed or could not find a new place, what would my household think of me? Failing at a model new profession would additionally cause me to lose confidence in myself. These considerations, failure and monetary, and never finding a brand new job made this decision very troublesome. The decision to choose a model new profession was an extremely necessary one. The sole perform of a career is not only to supply a means to make a residing; it ought to have a bigger objective.

The work I was doing did little for others, and in fact, served only a small, particular interest group. In addition to pursuing a significant profession, a career must be satisfying, and make some important contributions to other people’s lives. Therefore, I select to become a teacher. It is important to have a career that’s satisfying, and that may permit for helping others obtain their targets. Making the selection to vary careers was important however troublesome. If through my new profession, I might contribute one thing positive to others; then I may have felt that I made the right determination. Improvements can only come through change.

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