“A Raisin In The Sun” Movie Review

Being the man the house is a vital function to males. In the story “A Raisin in the Sun” Walter was left to be the man of the house after his father handed away. Walter had loopy moods solely as a outcome of he wished issues to go his method. Walter also wished the best life for his mother and a new house for his family. Walter took a loopy risk attempting to get what he wished. Lorraine Hansberry.

On the southside of Chicago, The Younger family lived in small two bedroom house, with Walter being the man of the home.

Walter was a annoyed man being the man of the home. He wanted higher for his mother and family. Even though Betty was always at him about his means, he managed to recover from how folks talked about him. Also he was pissed off about Ruth being pregnant. Ruth wanted him to save lots of extra money as a result of they didn’t have all of it. His family was not wealthy at all coming.

One day they received $10000 dollars. Walter’s mom wished him to put the cash towards Betty education, down cost on the house, and put the remainder of the money out it up within the financial savings. Knowing Walter’s mindset he didn’t hearken to her. He decided to look for business to take a position the cash into business.

As Walter spoke with totally different people to reach out with, he met a mane however the name of Willie to go in business with. Walter not figuring out the man was just seeking to run off with the cash.

He soon came upon from Bobo. In life, it’s onerous breaking something to your loved ones figuring out unhappiness and issues will come behind it. Walter stood up and told each in the house in regards to the misplaced of the money. Everyone had something negative to say like he figured the would behind his mistake. My opinion is Walter knew what he wanted to do all along is to move to a different house. They all thought of ways to search out help shortly. There got here Karl Linder offering them money to purchase their house back. Lina determined to tell Walter they have been going to turn the offer down. They all had a plan b, understanding Lina put a down fee on a house. Now the family had one thing to depend on.

Walter and Lisa made a plan to maneuver to the opposite house despite the fact that they were not needed. The only had that to depend on. They all made preparations to move of their new home. This introduced happiness of their residence as a outcome of Walter and Lina made certain all people was straight. My opinion is the person of the home ought to make good selections and ensure your down fall be your motivation. They made their final decision to move into Clayborne.

”A Raisin in the Sun” can be a good play. It’s reveals Walter becoming the man of the house wanting better for his household. He wasn’t having the help he needed. Walter managed to get through his powerful obstacles in his life and put his household in a new house. They all lived pleased after and finally all got alongside.

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