Access Audit: the access for disabled folks to Wolverhampton metropolis centre is inadequate and unequal when comparing it to Milton Keynes

When in comparability with Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes is only a child. Built somewhat over 30 years ago, you’d expect that many points and features of common life could be taken into consideration to construct a town that custom fitted our private wants. One of the most important issues affecting a selection of people is Disability. This project appears at simply that and how every shopping centre has handled providing a heat, welcoming and pleasant go to for the disabled members of our group.


Milton Keynes will have many amenities and good entry for disabled people in relation to Wolverhampton. This is as a outcome of Wolverhampton is a much older city and built within the era when disability wasn’t widely accepted. However, outlook on disability has modified since then, subsequently, Milton Keynes might be more suited to disabled folks as the most recent centre is extra likely to have taken disabled members under consideration. This will also reflect on the cities perspective in path of incapacity that are divided into two primary groups; medical and social mannequin.

People who agree with the medical mannequin of disability believe that disability is a problem and it is something that should be cured.

Examples of people that fall under this class are medical doctors. The other group is the Social model which suggests duty lies inside our society and that we should always adapt our methods to satisfy the wants of people that may have impairment. Personally, I lean in the path of the second group as I believe that incapacity is something past our control.

People should be accepting of this and study to vary their methods to assist disabled individuals cope with their impairments.


To take a look at my speculation out, I will fill in an access audit and conduct a series of questionnaires and interviews with the general public, disabled folks, chosen store managers and/or workers. As properly as coming to my own conclusion, the response from the general public can help me be positive that my views aren’t biased. Depending on the outcomes gained, I can validate my hypothesis.

Access Audit: Wolverhampton Shopping Centre

1. Can a wheelchair get into the purchasing centre?

Yes however there may be restricted access to retailers contained in the centre.

2. How is that this made possible?

Wide entrance doorways.

3. Is there a carry to use if someone in a wheelchair wants to entry retailers on the second floor?

Yes – two.

4. Are any steps or stairs marked clearly with strips in order that it could assist anybody who’s sight impaired?


5. Are guide canines allowed access?

Yes – into the main centre, though some shops do not permit canines to enter their property.

6. Is the lighting good for anyone who is visually impaired?

Lighting is sufficient but slightly dim.

7. Are there any hand rails on the stairs?


8. Are there any disabled bogs available?

No. Access to toilets for disabled is none.

9. Is there anyway by which someone who’s hearing impaired get a message that is given out on loud speakers?


10. Are there telephones or reception desks/counters at a peak acceptable for somebody utilizing a wheelchair?

Telephones are at a non-suitable peak. Some counters are at a decrease height.

11. Is there sufficient room for wheelchair access in shops?

No. Most shops have a narrow entrance and aisles.

12. Any notes:

A few automatic doorways situated randomly.

Good number of disabled parking spaces.

Shops are too small for snug wheelchair access.

Access Audit: Milton Keynes Shopping Centre

1. Can a wheelchair get into the buying centre?

Yes – very easily.

2. How is that this made possible?

Wide doors and entrances.

3. Is there a carry to make use of if someone in a wheelchair wants to entry retailers on the second floor?

There are lifts in John Lewis, Virgin Megastores (and a few other stores)

4. Are any steps or stairs marked clearly with strips in order that it can assist anybody who’s sight impaired?

Yes – stairs in the new part of the centre are marked with strips.

5. Are guide canines allowed access?


6. Is the lighting good for anyone who’s visually impaired?

Yes – very shiny.

7. Are there any hand rails on the stairs?

Yes – handrails on most stairs in particular person shops and stairs resulting in car parks etc

8. Are there any disabled bathrooms available?

Yes – many.

9. Is there anyway by which somebody who is listening to impaired get a message that is given out on loud speakers?


10. Are there telephones or reception desks/counters at a height acceptable for somebody using a wheelchair?

Many counters and telephones are at appropriate height

11. Is there enough room for wheelchair access in shops?

Yes – most shops are sufficiently big to accommodate wheelchairs.

12. Any notes or public responses:

Wheelchairs out there for hire

Good access to most shops

Wide tills/aisles

Big entrances

Lots of computerized doors

As nicely as the entry audit, we decided to interview 15 folks from every city about their views and opinions on the greatest way their town had catered for the disabled people.

Do you suppose Wolverhampton has a good access for people using wheelchairs?





Do you assume Milton Keynes has a good entry for folks utilizing wheelchairs?





Do you assume Wolverhampton has a great entry for folks that are sight impaired?





Do you think Milton Keynes has an excellent entry for those that are sight impaired?






In my go to to Wolverhampton, I observed that the town was not designed with disabled individuals in thoughts. I personally, was most shocked by the shortage of disabled bogs in the centre and limited access to simply about each single shop. Most retailers had been small and there was no possible means in which someone in a wheelchair may come and shop without knocking something over. A lot of the counters/tills were at heights that individuals in wheelchairs can’t attain. Ironically, lots of Wolverhampton’s inhabitants are those who are of their later years of life and would benefit from lifts instead of stairs and wider aisles for his or her wheelchair to get via. From my interviews, I came upon that one hundred pc of the individuals questioned were not pleased with the accessibility to retailers.

My findings also show that 13 out of the 15 individuals would like to see enhancements within the toilets and access to them. One particular person even quoted “I dislike the finest way there aren’t any bathrooms for the disabled and what makes it worse is that to entry any bathrooms you must travel down a very steep set of stairs. This is unsafe for all and a explanation for concern”. Though a lot of the suggestions was negative, people had been typically joyful about the finest way the town has supplied for the sight impaired, “there is a good source of sunshine, although it could probably be brighter and the staff are very friendly and at all times prepared to assist you”.

Conversely, the services and services provided my Milton Keynes seem to have won the hearts of many individuals. On the entire, disabled folks visiting the Milton Keynes purchasing centre are more than happy and happy with entry and amenities supplied, “there are wide aisles and plenty of bathrooms for the disabled”. People also commented on the nice accessibility to shops, “There are lifts, stairs, and escalators in most shops and a lot of area for wheelchairs”. When requested if any enhancements or amendments may me made, most individuals stated none.

I too, agree with this but really feel that to make Milton Keynes absolutely disabled folks friendly, scrolling screens displaying text with announcements might be put up in assist for the listening to impaired. I am pleased with the automated doorways situated at every entrance in order that that people in wheelchairs can enter the centre without difficulty. On the opposite hand, Wolverhampton has no automated doorways for the entrance to the centre but a number of selected shops have saved this in mind and started to install sliding doors.

In the media, Disabled individuals are offered as a special group from the the rest of us. This is backed by the statement from The Times – “what they need is for society to relate to them as an individual, an as an individual, not part of a disabled lump”. It is that this assertion that also supports the thought of why there are such a high proportion of people that have adverse and ignorant views about incapacity. Statistics additionally show that 1 in 3 folks suppose that disabled are much less intelligent. This implies that they don’t matter to the neighborhood as much as the relaxation of the individuals and due to this fact it isn’t necessary to make modifications to the surroundings just to suit the disabled. In my view, perspectives such as this make me feel disgusted at our society.

As a half of humanity, we should always make adjustments to our surroundings if it helps the disabled without being advised to. The disabled cannot management the greatest way they’re and it is not their fault that they endure from what they’ve, so we must always change our ways to help them address it or make life that a lot easier for them. In another article, a person who spent a week in a wheelchair to search out out what it felt wish to be disabled stated that “when I try to leave, both lifts are out of order…I am effectively stranded in my room for about half an hour”. This reveals the uncaring method that this explicit lodge had towards the disabled.

If they didn’t have this outlook on incapacity, they might have had the lifts fastened without having somebody to point out that they weren’t working. As the media generally tend to have a negative picture of Disability, it might inflict some of its views on the basic public and due to this fact towns like Wolverhampton appear to have an apathetic perspective in direction of incapacity. However, newer cities and cities seem to carry their very own opinion towards this unfair remedy and regard the disabled as a part of the neighborhood and show this by ensuring that the impaired

have sufficient amenities to get them through their buying journey without any problem.


In conclusion, Milton Keynes has undoubtedly happy folks with what it has to offer the disabled; the lifts, the bathrooms, the big shops, the extensive tills and the power to rent free wheelchairs. Wolverhampton could be very outdated and because it was built a very lengthy time in the past, I assume it’s time it went through redesigning to offer for its individuals. This would unquestionably require a big sum of cash which may be the root of the problem however in order to follow the Act that was handed about Disability, it’s necessary for the town to endure changes. This Act states that ‘Service suppliers have an obligation to make cheap adjustments to make their providers accessible. This might take the type of offering wheelchair access, disabled toilets…’. In my opinion, Wolverhampton has not adopted this very nicely as the city has little wheelchair access and there is no attainable means for the disabled to succeed in the bathrooms.

I really feel that visiting each town and interviewing people was a reliable method because it was a Primary supply of data and never something that was handed all the means down to me. This meant that I might rely on what was informed to me and I could attain my own conclusion in addition to listening to others views. I assume my investigation may have been improved if I had interviewed somebody that was disabled. This was my unique plan but I felt uneasy stopping disabled folks as I didn’t need to create an awkward atmosphere. Another approach to additional my investigation can be to query a larger variety of people to get a fuller image and to ask open questions the place individuals might express their opinions. Also, I feel that my investigation could have been slightly broad and spread out as there have been a lot of retailers to cowl and I was looking at the complete centre.

Next time, I could have a glance at sure retailers in order that my findings can be in additional detail. All in all, I can say that my hypothesis was right and that older cities don’t have many amenities for disabled individuals because the disabled had been missed in the past. Our society has become a lot more accepting and understanding and thus, bears the disabled in thoughts, giving newer cities a extra disabled-friendly surroundings.

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