According to Maslow”s hierarchy

According to Maslow’s hierarchy, which fundamental needs does the Patagonia tradition meet? What would it not be wish to work at Patagonia? (Hint: Go to Patagonia’s web site and find the part on jobs.) What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment? (20 points) Maslow’s hierarchy consists of five basic needs, self-actualization, esteem, social, security, and physiological. Patagonia culture meets many standards promising that their merchandise are produced under protected, fair, authorized, and humane working conditions all through the supply chain (Patagonia, 2014).

Patagonia provides all of the needs of Maslow’s concept, making workers snug at their job; This Company cares about their staff providing childcare, natural meals, leisure actions, and extra. Working at Patagonia could be a fantastic place, where the company encourages celebrations and actions to boost the employee’s moral. Patagonia is known for having loyal staff due to how the managers deal with them having communication deadlines, expectations, and together with workers in figuring out the best way to fulfill needs.

I imagine that this work environment is successful because of how it is managed and the finest way the workers are treated. 2. Use the expectancy theory and/or the equity concept of motivation to clarify how feeling underpaid might affect the work of a Patagonia associate and what a supervisor can do to extend the employee’s motivation. (20 points)

Expectancy concept states that a person’s habits is influenced by the expected outcomes. In this case, low pay would lead the individual to really feel like no matter what they did, their efforts would not be rewarded with anticipated pay raises or bonuses.

The workers that are underpaid typically just present up and do what they need to do, nothing extra as a end result of they really feel their efforts are not appreciated or in some instances known. To increase motivation, acknowledging a job nicely accomplished, special efforts, or something the employee tries and does should be a half of the routine. Also, making pay comparable to work, offering bonuses or rewards would additionally help motivation. three. What do you think could be Patagonia’s greatest challenge in maintaining workers motivated? If you had been managing a team of Patagonia staff within the retail shops, how would you keep them motivated? (20 points) I consider Patagonia’s greatest challenge in preserving workers motivated is the pay. Pay is likely one of the greatest motivations for workers particularly a competitive pay. Employees need to be acknowledged and really feel like they’re a half of a staff. If I have been managing Patagonia, I would have quarterly bonuses for workers that exceed expectations, coming to work on time, going above and past for the enterprise. I would additionally do an employee of the month, with rewards that would help inspire my workers. It is necessary to maintain your staff engaged and knowledgeable when operating a enterprise. I would come with my employees on selections that need to be made, having my workers involved as a end result of they are those that work with the merchandise and prospects. I want to treat my employees pretty making them comfortable working for me.


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