Accountabliliy and loss of CAC card

Accountablitly and how it has a roll in the Army. One sort of accountability is private item accountability as an example your pockets and ID. As a PFC and in the Army for almost 2 years i know how essential accountablitly of private objects are and expecally potential safety risk gadgets. According to AR735-5 Army property is taken into account as follows; Army property is all property underneath the management of the Department of the Army (DA) except property accounted for as owned by a nonappropriated fund (NAF) exercise.

It should be accounted for on a property account until specificallyexempted by an AR.

Property leased by an Army exercise is considered Army property for accounting purposes. Property loaned to a non-Army activity stays Army property. Real property accounts for all assets on the installation no matter who funded the construction or pay for sustainment (except privately owned) might be reflected within the installation real property stock. Property constructed by NAF, Air Force, and Navy are considered tenants on the installation and shall be mirrored as such in the inventory (see Security threat items can be any of the next: CAC card ID, SIPR tokens, DAGRs, used Hard Copy paper,ect.

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Loss ofany of these things can harm the battery on many levels. The CAC Card is a multy use identifcation card. it allows you entry to military instalations, use of government computer systems, verifaction of id for uraniry analasis, social safety number(if you’ve an older CAC card)and access to other personal information that can lead to stolen identaties.

Any out side supply attempting to negetivly affect our armed providers and or counrty may use our CAC playing cards to determine out how they work and gain entry to our safe bases and or computer systems.

An enemy of the United States on our installations cause a sever safety threat as a outcome of gathering information on our troops actions, and areas of necessary buildings such because the Base Defense Operations Center and even our dinning facilitys. These locations are important to the enemys of the United States as a end result of they might be possible targets for mortar attacks or even foot attacks anda particular person on the within useing a CAC card to realize entry to the location may easeily assist in funneling the attack to an important locations.


Loosing different objects such as bank playing cards and cash may be problemmatic as nicely for a PFC within the Army. Being with no means of buying gadgets similar to shampoo and physique wash make it tough to conduct proper personal hygene. Without means to aquire these items by yourself make you relient on the Armys supplys and this is a matter do to most issues in the Army are made by the lowest bidder. I am not saying the items you would use for personal hygene would not work however your skin might regret you useing them later. There are many ways to forestall you from lossing private objects or gea.

One means is to arrange a routen on where you set your personal gadgets and equipment in the identical location after using them. A second great way is sitational, if you can you can do “buddy checks” its the place you havea fellow soldier double verify your gear you may be wearing to make sure you are carrying the correct gear for the exercise you are going to be collaborating in. wether it be a feild exersise, stick lanes, desk eights, or even simply PT makeing certain you have the correct uniform for either winter or summer and in case you are sporting battery shirts or not.

Personal accountability is another huge a part of the Army. It impacts virtually each a part of the unit. Not being where you are alleged to be in at the appropriate time not only is a waste of your time but also a waste of you leaderships time. you management will be wasteing time attempting to contact you and find you and ensure you are in the correct uniform and also determine why you are late and or not there. If you miss a formation you would be counsled or even chaptered relying on the situation.

For instance if you miss PT formation it might simply be a counsleing unless you have miss a lot of formation, however if you miss a movment formation for a deployment it will be chapter paperwork and might be much worse. There is a vital lession obtained when doing essays like this. it help remind individuals to do the right thing and not make mistakes like this once more. thats all this was, was a mistake i can guarantee you this is not going to occur again

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