Best 7 CB Radios To Buy In 2018

CB RadiosCB radios have been the way truckers have communicated since the 70’s and there are also people who just love talking to people over the CB Radio network from their home almost like a talking social network. The truckers will generally have a handle name and will use the radio to chat to fellow truckers to break the boredom and have a conversation while they are traveling between towns to deliver their goods. It is popular for long-haul truckers who can spend hours on the road and this is a way they can make new friends while driving from one state to another. It is a very good way for the depots to keep in contact with haulers and ensuring that they are safe, on schedule and have no problems.


CB Radios have had many changes over the last 3 decades but the basic features remain the same. They need to be robust produce a clear sound and generally be a long-range CB radio. They need to be easy to install and also look good in your truck or car. Other features to look out for are included in our reviews:

  • The price and the capability of the CB Radio to make sure that you buy the best value for money.
  • The manufacturers of the CB radios. As an example, Cobra has been making CB radios since the 30’s and have made improvements over the years based on the feedback that has come from their loyal customers
  • The size of the CB radio and how it would be installed into your truck or car.
  • The range of the CB radio and what antenna will be required to achieve the maximum range. If it has the capability to monitor more than 1 channel
  • What other features it has particularly the CB radios that have been manufactured in 2016/2017 because they should include blue tooth to allow you to drive hands free when you need to talk on your mobile.


Best CB Radio 2017

1st place2nd place3rd place4th place5th place
Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio - NOAA Weather Channels and Emergency Alert System, Selectible 4-Color LCD, Auto-Scan, Alarm and Radio CheckUniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio. Pro-Series, Compact Design. Public Address (PA) Function. Instant Emergency Channel 9, External Speaker Jack, Large Easy to Read Display.Midland 1001Z 40-Channel CB RadioUniden PC787 Bearcat CB Radio (Silver)Cobra 18WXSTII CB Radio - 40 Channel, Sound Tracker, NOAA Weather Channels, Dual Watch, Instant 9
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
621 customer reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
868 customer reviews
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
342 customer reviews
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
74 customer reviews
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
512 customer reviews
Enormous Multi-Color display offers information on all radio functions, can be set to one of four colors, and can be dimmed for night driving.Instant Channel 9: Quickly set the radio to emergency/channel 9. External Speaker Jack: Plug in an external speaker for better sound.40-channel, 4-Watt CB radio is perfect for novices and seasoned CB users.
CB/PA switch allows CB to be used as a Public Address System when paired with a PA speaker.
Extra-large S/RF/SWR meter for easy viewing.
Built-in SWR for Perfect Antenna Matching.
Tone Control adjust audio for best sound.
NOAA Weather with Alert get the latest weather conditions and hazards.
Noise-cancelling microphone.
40 CB channels.
10 NOAA Weather Channels.
Microphone with 9-foot cord.
Compact, stylish design.
Channel scan.
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Cobra 19dxiv 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio

Cobra 19DXIV

Cobra 19DXIV

The Cobra is a cheap CB radio that is sold at under $40 but it does what the manufacturer says it does. It comes with 40 channels, RF gain to adjust the receiver sensitivity according to the incoming signal. It can be installed in any vehicle and is perfect for the families that both partners travel a lot and ensures that they can be in contact where ever they are. It has a full LCD display, automatic electronic tuning allowing precise tuning and direct connection to the emergency channel 9 and the information channel 19. This particular model the connection cable is on the short side and will probably have to be connected to another power source or extend the cable to reach the battery.

It works well for the price that it is offered at and is a nice compact unit which can easily fit between the seats of a truck or under the seat of a car. From the customer reviews, it is a good little unit which will do the job.

Installs easily into most cars and trucks.
Bright, clear display.
Electronic tuning.
Access to emergency channel 9 or information channel 19.
The supplied power cable is too short.

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Galaxy DX 959 Flame Thrower

The DX 959 is designed to be used so that the driver does not need to look away from the road. The radio functions are laid out in a driver-friendly manner and the DX 959 is for the serious CB user but also one that a beginner will master easily. It is a long-range CB radio and features AM, SSB and PA modes. It has an easy-to-read meter with a power scale for the AM and SSB signals. It has an automatic SWR circuit for precise tuning and a Galaxy noise filter for weak signals. It has a side jack for external microphone use with a 3 position clarifier control and an RF gain control mic.

If you have not used the Galaxy DX 959 before it is advisable to read the manual carefully making sure you understand all the functions clearly. It is easy to think a function is not working if you have not followed the correct procedure. It is on the expensive side but it is to be expected for all the functions it offers.

Large, easy-to-read meter.
Five-digit frequency counter with on/off switch automatic SWR circuit.
Roger beep with on/off switch.
Proprietary galaxy noise filter.

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Midland 1001z 40-Channel CB Radio

This is a small CB radio and is the best CB radio for car installation. It has 40 CB channels and instant access to the emergency channel 9. It is perfect for novices and it operates in two modes CB and PA to be used as a public address system with extra speakers. The RF gain adjusts the receiver sensitivity as the incoming signal changes. It is easy to install and is fitted with a front panel mike with a digital power supply complimented with the large digital LED display. The squelch control removes any background noise resulting in good clear communication.

If this is your first time using a CB radio it is important to note that all CB’s need antennas or else they will be damaged. This CB radio is simple to use and is one of the top cheap CB radios available. If one would like to venture into the CB community the Midland 1001Z is under $40,00 and a good CB radio to start with.

Immediate access to emergency – channel 9.
Easy to connect microphone locks securely to CB.
Removes background noise.
Volume control isn’t linear.

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Uniden PC 787 CB Radio

Uniden PC 787 CB Radio

Uniden PC 787 CB Radio

The Uniden is a 40 channel CB radio with an extra-large S/RF/SWR meter for easy viewing with the added advantage of having a built-in SWR for perfect antenna matching. The Uniden is a good CB radio for truckers as it comes with the NOAA weather channel and will alert you if there are dangerous weather conditions in the area. The LCD display is clear and with an adjustable backlight so that it can be adjusted to suit the driving conditions. It has a volume and squelch control to produce good clear communication with no background noise. The signal reception is good and ranges of up to 10 miles ( 16km ) can be achieved on the open interstate roads.

From the reviews, it is a good CB radio and even though some of the cheaper models achieve the same results they do offer fewer features. What makes the Uniden PC 787 superior is the built in SWR and the weather alerts. The Uniden PC 787 is more expensive but good value for money.

Instant channel 9/19 for emergency broadcasts.
All NOAA weather channels with weather alert.
Communicate on all 40 channels.
Noise-cancelling microphone.
It is too bright.

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Cobra 18WXST11 Mobile CB Radio with Dual Watch

This digital CB radio comes with the normal 40 channels and instant access to the two emergency channels 9 and 19. Generally, channel 9 is reserved for the police force and truckers use channel 19. The easy to read displays shows which channel you are using, the strength of the incoming signal and the output power of the RE. It can pick up 10 NOAA weather channels to make sure that you have up to date weather conditions in your area. The dual watch function allows you to monitor 2 channels at a time and it has last channel memory so when you switch it back on it will tune to that channel. It is supplied without an SWR so a person needs to purchase one to tune in the antenna to your CB radio.

Cobra has been in the CB radio manufacturing business for a long time and the Cobra 18WXST11 at under $70 is very good value for money and good Cobra quality.

Dual Watch function allows simultaneous monitoring of 2 channels.
10 NOAA Weather Radio channels.
Heavy-duty microphone.
Squelch control eliminates background noise.
Access to emergency channels 9 and 19 for emergency announcements.
The display is difficult to read in daylight.

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Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio

The Cobra 29LX comes with an enormous multi-coloured display which can be set to 4 different colors and can be dimmed for nighttime driving. It has a clock, alarm clock and for the professional driver and an on duty timer. The 10 NOAA weather channels ensure that you are aware at all times what the weather conditions are and if there are any severe weather warnings. The 29LX automatically scans all the 40 channels and is one of the best CB radio for truckers. It has a self-diagnostic check and will warn you if there is a problem with any of the primary functions. It can easily be installed anywhere in the cab of a truck or car with its long 9-foot front mounted microphone cord.

This good CB radio has a very good range and is able to communicate for up to 20 miles (32km) and is very clear. The CB radio reviews rate the Cobra 29LX very highly and are an exceptionally good buy.

Enormous Multi-Color display can be set to one of four colors.
10 NOAA Weather Channels.
Radio Check Diagnostic Provides information on critical CB aspects such as battery voltage, RF power and antenna condition.
Display can be dimmed for night driving.
Access to emergency channel 9 and information channel 19.

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Uniden 40 Channel CB Radio PRO501xl Tune UP

The Uniden digital CB radio comes with all the features necessary for those long journeys and hours on the road. It has a sleek design which makes it easy to install in a car or truck. The Uniden has a large LCD display orange in color making it clear whether it be day or night and more importantly does not have a distracting effect during night driving. It is fitted with and instant emergency channel 9 function and with its big up and down buttons is easy to change channels and functions while driving. The dynamic squelch control delivers quality sound and is definitely one of the better CB radios available.

As a small compact CB radio, the Uniden PRO0505XL is a top performer with its clear sound quality, ease of installation due to its compact size and would be even better if it had a more modern look and not the old type of LCD display. It delivers better sound than some of the very expensive models and is good value for money.

External speaker jack
Squelch control.
Easy-to-read display.


Antenna and antenna cable are not included.

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Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radio

The Cobra 29 LTD is the most powerful top rated CB radio available and Cobra who are known for manufacturing the best CB radios decided to stay with old style but with improved features inspired by feedback from professional drivers. The Cobra 29LTD CB radio can easily be installed on the dashboard of a truck or car due to the front panel microphone connector which is fitted with a 9-foot extension cord. The tactile controls allow for safer and more accurate functionality. It has an inbuilt SWR with a dimmer light for night time driving. The SWR has an antenna warning indicator and with the RF gain and switchable noise blocker makes the Cobra 20 LTD the best CB radio available in 2017.

The sound produced by the Cobra 29 LTD is excellent and with the auxiliary speaker makes it easy to hear when you are driving or there is a lot of noise. The price this powerful CB radio is offered the Cobra 29 LTD is the best buy.

Sleek, compact mobile CB radio.
Easy-to-read display.
Switchable noise blanker.
Tone control.
Adjustable microphone boost.
It has no Bluetooth.

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