Should Students Be Required to Take Tests to Prove Their Knowledge?


Students should be required to take regular standardized tests to prove that they are learning.

Should students be required to take tests to prove their knowledge? Many people think students should not take tests. Especially since lately tests are being more difficult than years before. I agree with this. It is better if students take regular standardized tests due to the fact that they will know if they have weaknesses in some areas.

The first reason I prefer that students should take regular standardized tests is to prove if they have or not weaknesses in some areas. A middle school student, who has weaknesses in math, will get low score on her tests. If she had not taken those tests, in the future, it will be more difficult for her to learn because she will not know what she needs to improve. What I meant to say is that if students do not take tests, they will never know what areas they need to focus more.

Secondly, students should take tests due to the fact that some students have difficulties to learn. Not all students learn as fast as others do. An example- at school, there are many students that have learning difficulties without knowing. But how would they know that they have those problems? Taking those tests would help teachers as well as parents to know if the student has learning problems so that they can teach or help them in a different way.

And lastly, I believe that most of the teachers make students to take tests just to prove if their students were or not, paying attention to the class. Nowadays, a majority of the students carry their phones to class. While professors are teaching a very important subject for the students, they are on their phones, either surfing on the internet, or taking photos of themselves. So it is necessary for them to make students to take those tests.

In conclusion, I have shown that it is better for students to take regular standardized tests to prove themselves if they have or not, weaknesses in some areas where they can focus more in the future.

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